• Racing in the Solent
  • Inshore racing at its best
  • Sigma 38 going downwind
  • Racing with CSORC in the 1980s
  • Cheating the tide at Hurst
  • Practising spinnaker trim
  • Inshore racing in the Inter Departmental Offshore Regatta
  • Blue Juice in the Myth Of Malham
  • Merlin off to St Peter Port

About the club

The club offers sailing and racing opportunities for all, from complete beginners who want to try a day sail in the Solent, to experienced sailors looking for competitive yacht racing. Throughout the season we enter a variety of racing events:

  • Inshore races in the Solent;
  • Coastal JOG races;
  • Offshore RORC and JOG races to France and the Channel Islands;
  • Campaigns, such as the Fastnet.

The emphasis is on having fun, with a friendly atmosphere, but there is also the opportunity to gain experience and racing skills, and to progress to skippering. There is no minimum level of experience to sail with the club. For details of membership and eligibility click on the Membership at the top of the page or download a crew bureau form here, or email the crew bureau.

A division of the Civil Service Sailing Association - Civil Service Sports & Leisure.

NEWS Last updated 21st September 2018.

Programme Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Sunsail events for this season due to lack of interest. Next year is a Fastnet year so start thinking about that and let the crew bureau know if you are interested in taking part.

The RORC Caribbean 600 - 19th Feb A crew of CSORC members entered the Caribbean 600, a 600 mile race around a number of Caribbean islands (hence the name!). It's a demanding race with lots of wind shifts, lulls and gusts and this year there were strong winds of 20 to over 40 knots from the start. Unfortunately we were one of many boats that had to retire - in our case due to crew illness. Despite this the crew enjoyed the challenge and have vowed to return!

IDOR 2018 Once again CSORC has entered the Inter-Departmental Offshore Regatta (IDOR) in June - just one boat so far. If you are interested contact the crew bureau to check availability.

CSORC Facebook Group. If you are a facebook member CSORC has a Facebook Group. When you join you can join discussions and post pictures. (There are also CSD and IDOR groups).