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IDOR 2008 Results

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CSORC in the IDOR 2008

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The Interdepartmental Offshore Regatta is primarily a competition between Civil Service Departments but lately it has been opened up to include CSSA clubs, such as Littleton, Fishers Green and, for the last two years, CSORC. It takes the form of five days of racing, in matched Sunsail Sunfast 37s, in and around the Solent. The racing is hosted by the Island Sailing Club, who are best known for running the Round the Island Race in late June.

This year the racing was organised as follows:

Monday – practice and one optional inshore practice race;
Tuesday – Four inshore races of an hour to an hour and a half duration;
Wednesday – A race round the Isle of Wight eastabout;
Thursday – An offshore race to the Nab Tower and back to Cowes;
Friday – From Cowes to Portsmouth via Warner and N Sturbridge.

Gian and Nick H (left).

Chris and Tracey (right).

For the second time CSORC’s entry was skippered by Nick Bowles, with Chris Stebbings as mate/mast man/tactician/tea maker, Nick Huxford on foredeck, Gian Fazio and Tracey Hindmarsh trimming, Alan Brooke on main and Phil Armitage as navigator and chief radio operator. Last year we didn’t exactly set the regulars trembling with our peformance in the very light winds so this year we were hoping for a bit more of a breeze, in keeping with our rough, tough offshore image. The forecast wasn’t promising, and Monday (practice day) was drizzly with not much wind. This suited the plan as the crew were largely new to each other if not to sailing and needed to practice in easy conditions.

Phil (left).

Alan (right).


For the actual racing the weather turned out much better than expected and after a wet and grey but reasonably windy Tuesday for the four inshore races (which put us in 12th place) we had perfect F4 to 5 sunshine for the round the Island race.

Going upwind (left)...

... and downwind (right).


Good here, eh?

A superb beat round the back of the island meant that the Needles “came up a little bit quicker than anticipated” and we had the choice of punching the ebb over the Bridge or going for the North Passage. We bit the bullet and joined the throng. It turned out to be a very “life enhancing experience” (a quote from David Hartland of the Littleton boat), with several boats on the edge of broaching as the tide held them in the waves over the Bridge itself.





A lucky surf saw the log peak at 10.2 knots and enabled us to break free into the flat water, making up a number of places at the same time. A spinnaker run back to Cowes and a sprint to the finish had us beating Chris Malone’s Hasla DWP boat by 2 seconds after 9 hours 27 minutes and 2 seconds of racing. We finished seventh.


The following day was the Offshore Race which had us beating with the tide out to the Nab in glorious sunshine. On the return we ran down the island shore trading the occasional place. Rounding Old Castle Point we were completely headed and only just managed to drop the kite and beat inshore to avoid being swept outside and past the line by the strong westbound tide. Fourth place and our best finish yet.

Thursday night the regatta dinner was held in the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club. We finished the meal off with the bottle of port we had won in the draw knowing that Friday was to be the last race, the start wasn’t until 10.00 and we had a fourth place to our credit. Anything else was a bonus.

Friday’s start was downwind and down tide and the wind was light so it was important that we didn’t get swept over the start line. The first leg was out to Browndown so we started inshore and sailed high to get the best boatspeed and the main channel tide. By the time we closed with the main fleet nearer the mainland we were pleased to see we were in second place. Slowly we worked over the top of the leader and rounded Warner in the lead. A beat back up the island shore to N Sturbridge and then a bear away set had us still ahead. A spinnaker wrap left us only two boat lengths clear, but the finish at Spit Sand fort was came up quickly enough and we held on to cross the line in first place.

Once again the IDOR proved to be a superb event, that for CSORC ended perfectly. Our thanks to Pete Shuttleworth who worked so hard to organise everything, to all the crews who made the social and racing so enjoyable, to the CSORC crew, and to the sun and wind for putting in an appearance together.


The Met Office boat and crew.
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